List of reminders to get you through 2nd year

Second year is that time of the year where law students are expected to start engaging with their degree beyond contextual knowledge. This is when you should be researching career options and making platforms such as Bright Network and your holy grail. Being an international student, with a degree that does not include placement but having a desire to remain in the UK and look for work prospects after my degree, I found myself really struggling for direction. So, here’s what my research led me to, and here’s what you need to be doing right about now.

  • Make a CV. There are numerous CV samples that you can find on the internet. That is, if you wish to have more examples apart from the ones already provided in Legal Skills.

  • Get in touch with the Professional Development Centre, there is a huge team of career counsellors present to help you reach your goals.

  • Your second step, perhaps, should be to make a LinkedIn account. This is a very effective platform for networking.

  • Be aware of the different firms that are present in the UK. High Street firms, Regional firms, Magic Circle, etc.

  • Tailor your research according to your needs. For international students specifically, make sure your research takes sponsorship possibilities into account.

  • Look into cover letter samples and start practicing.

  • Your goal should be to have at least an internship if not a vacation scheme so that you can eventually land yourself a training contract.

  • Remember, a law degree requires a lot more than what the textbooks and tutors teach you. You need exposure, networks, and hands-on experience with how the law operates.

  • Start focusing on your academic record.

  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities. Mooting, MUN, etc.

  • Explore Pro Bono initiatives. That is a great way to gain legal experience.

  • Improve upon your critical thinking, legal reasoning, Negotiation, Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.

  • Make a list of frequently asked questions in interviews and start preparing answers to them.

  • Start paying close attention to the business sections in newspapers to improve your commercial awareness, but also read the more specific legal press.

  • Go to virtual open days, ask meaningful questions to stand out.

Along with all of this though, remember that we are dealing with a global pandemic and you deserve a break too, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Good luck!

By: Areesha Jawed, 2nd Year Law Student, Student Submissions Editor