The Brunel Lawyer is a project that we, passionate and dedicated students, have decided to pursue in an attempt to provide educational articles that will assist those studying this exceptional subject. The newspaper will include a range of topics and modules that are incorporated within all academic years, and we will strive to provide theories and opinions that help stimulate conversations amongst students, teachers and academics alike. 

Another aim for The Brunel Lawyer is to increase the enjoyment that can blossom from the subject. Of course, students studying Law will have a passion for their course but we want to ensure that everyone can experience this, regardless of academic ability. To achieve this, The Brunel Lawyer will have a mixture of intriguing insights and interesting interviews for those with a passion for law to enjoy.



Editor-in-Chief of The Brunel Lawyer

There are many different goals I would like to achieve within my time at The Brunel Lawyer, but my main aim is to increase the popularity of the subject and maximise the enjoyment that Law can offer. Of course, students studying Law will have a passion for their course but I want to ensure that we can all experience this, regardless of academic ability. To achieve this, The Brunel Lawyer will have a mixture of intriguing insights, interesting interviews and articles ranging amongst students, lecturers and academics alike. I know that with hard work and dedication we can change the way Law is perceived; making it less challenging and more welcoming.


Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Renée is an MA Creative Writing student with a range of editorial experience including working on one of the publications produced by the Creative Writing department and as a script reader for Wall to Wall Media. She hopes that this experience will help bring the best out of The Brunel Lawyer. On a personal note, she’ll never say no to a good cuppa and a box of Lindt Lindors.


Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Hello! My name is Nafis, and I am one of the Deputy Editors-in-Chief of the Brunel Lawyer. I am an international student currently in my second year of the Law LLB, and although I am from Bangladesh, I grew up in Thailand, where I attended an international school. Like many, I was also inspired to study law by a fictional character, but his name is not Harvey Specter. My inspiration to become a lawyer was Phoenix Wright, of the Ace Attorney video-game series. 


Student Submissions Officer

I am a second-year law student, who decided to study law after being exposed to the complexities of will and probate law. I am aspiring to be a barrister and open a Chambers in the future.


External Contributions Editor

My responsibility involves seeking external contributions from legal professionals and then developing and maintaining a relationship with them. After proofreading and fact-checking submissions, I pass it on to the Editor in Chief. I have the first edit of articles and content. As a mature student returning to Academic study in Law, I bring a degree in Communication Science and experience working for several years in retail, customer service, reception, office administration, law enforcement, transport, events and market research.


Line Editor

My name is Nistha and I am a second-year law student. I aspire to be a solicitor and the areas of law that interest me are corporate and commercial. I like adventure sports, reading and singing. An interesting fact about me is that I ski-dived from 15,000 ft. I also enjoy volunteering and I am currently volunteering with St. Luke’s charity.


Marketing & Production Manager

Hi there, my name is Joe Zeidman and I’m fulfilling the role of Marketing and Production Manager at the Brunel Lawyer.  I'm really thrilled to show Brunel students and staff alike what our team has been tirelessly working on over the past few months, and proving what the law society has to offer. I know our content will display a captivating take on the legal world, and I hope our readers can take away an important message on the relevant issues and topics we discuss.


Academic Article Editor

Hi, I am Lujain Burhamah, a third-year Brunel law student interested in international law, particularly that of a commercial nature. I hope to pursue my studies with a focus on transactional affairs that involve states within the Middle East.


Online Editor

My role includes keeping in close contact with our Secretary, publishing the final copies online and making sure they all flow well and are grammatically correct, updating the website and implementing new online features. I chose to do Law as it is highly competitive and being able to study a subject which determines our lives personally, politically and socioeconomically is both really exciting and very fascinating.


Sponsorship Editor

Hi, I am Geena Jutley, the sponsorship editor for The Brunel Lawyer. I am in the second year of my LLB degree and I decided to study law after I enjoyed the subject at A-Level.

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