Flourishing During Your Brunel Quarantine Experience 

As uncertainty prevails, we struggle to have the college experience we dreamt of. Being stripped of the ever-famous Karaoke Nights at Locos and the Venue’s Global, student life appears to be nothing short of dry. But here’s a positive outlook for you; keeping social distancing measures and all SOPs in mind, there are still some activities that you can indulge in to have a wholesome college experience. 

Brunel does not have to be all about its indoor nightlife. Our campus has a ginormous quad space that allows students to partake in outdoor activities, while allowing for social distancing measures to be implemented.

Your flat mates can be your social bubble. Wholesome flat meals, socially distanced gatherings, and movie nights could all take place reasonably, with the right measures in place. In addition to that, you can rent Santander cycles and perhaps cycle down to the docks which is not only refreshing but a fun workout too. Your own flat karaoke nights because, why not? 

Apart from just social life, to make your academic lives less remote, and feel active and involved, wake up and dress up for your lectures. Make an effort to book a slot in the library and attend your lecture there. This is one of many effective ways to boost your self-esteem because if you look good, you feel good. It will also ensure that you are not locked up and on your own in your rooms all day. 

Customize your rooms according to your personality, as your dorm will be your sanctuary during this time. Light up some candles, let some sunshine into your room and put up some pictures, whatever you feel that you need to do to bring a semblance of liveliness and cheer into your daily life. Order some ping pong rackets online and play ping pong with your friends. At some point during your day, step out of your room and experience nature. Sit down on one of the many benches around campus and take everything in. Although times are hard, your college experience can still be made an unforgettable one. All you need is the right people, and a positive outlook. 


Areesha Jawed, 2nd year law student, Student Submissions Editor of The Brunel Lawyer