Brunel's Rent Freeze, the No Detriment Policy and Asymptomatic Testing

“With the on-going pandemic, there are numerous concerns regarding university students that the government has continually overlooked. Brunel has regardless, played a major role in making its community feel at ease and provide them with the comfort of living in a not only safe but also vocal environment, where the student voice is heard and accommodated wherever possible. 


The Rent Freeze which was introduced to relieve students (living on-campus but currently working from home), of additional stress has now been extended until, at least, the 8th of March. 


A No-Detriment policy has also been implemented to reduce the impact of any disruption that students may experience while preparing for or undertaking assessments. This entails; extensions of up to 5 days on request for courseworks; uncapped second attempts for exams in case you fail and an overall alteration and various modifications to the way different courses are being taught. 


Another interesting approach that Brunel has undertaken to curb the spread of this virus, is the introduction of Asymptomatic Testing on Campus. Under this, students living on campus are made to take 2 COVID tests per week. This however, does not apply to students or staff working from home. It also does not apply to any international students who have only just arrived on campus (there is a different testing procedure that needs to be followed). If you experience symptoms, do not avail the Asymptomatic Testing facilities and instead, get a proper COVID test.


To read more, please visit the Student Union Website (BruNet, Brunel University Londonor refer to the Union Newsletter.


Stay safe.

Written by Areesha Jawed